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Real People

Taking it to the streets

Real People Only Please


CROWDshot specializes in real people casting.

We spend a lot of time traipsing through the amazing corners of our

world talking and learning about people and their lives.

We are often asked how do we find these “real people”, it’s easy, by taking it to the streets.

Clients don’t want models who just smile and look pretty anymore,

they are searching for authenticity, believability and reliability.


From tattoo parlors to retirement homes, we’ve been everywhere man.

The Florida Project in which we found 90% of the kids by casting on the streets and in motels outside of the theme parks where homeless families have resided permanently since the housing crisis in 2007. The film stars Willem Defoe, but the child actors were primarily cast from these street casting sessions. 

The Florida Project which was nominated for 17 major awards, winning 7 including the Casting Society of America's Artios Award for Best Independent Feature Casting.  Depended heavily on the sort of street casting that would enhance the film's requirement for gritty authenticity. 

The Florida Project Movie Poster.jpg
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